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SC Politics

Frank Brent Millican For Lee County School Board District 6

Melvin Whittenburg for SC Secretary of State

Our beloved South Carolina and our Nation is in serious need of new leadership.  We are tired of our elected officials failing to keep their promises after being elected.  We are tired of our elected officials displaying poor character, a lack of Integrity, and just plain bad behavior.  We deserve better than this.  We are better than this and this is why I left my corporate job to run for Secretary of State.


Hold on because change is coming.  2018 is our year to stand tall together and vote for change.  If we do this, we cannot be stopped.  But I must be honest with you, to do this, we are relying on grassroots support from our beloved South Carolinians just like you to chip in and help us raise money to get our message across the state.  I know together we can do it and I am pulling for us all.


Our platform is PEOPLE – Duty – INTEGRITY with the intentions of serving all South Carolinians regardless of party affiliation, how much you make or don’t make, education, gender, or religion.  My office will focus on the following:


As Secretary of State I will implement Process Improvements by utilizing my Project Management and Benchmarking Best Practice experience to update the Website to include a Spanish language options.  We will also implement a process ensuring all legislation signed by the Governor receives the Official State Seal within ten business days of receipt and not allow a backlog dating as far back as 2003.  This is Dereliction of Duty and cannot be tolerated.  If it happened on our jobs, we would have been fired.


On November 6, 2018, vote for me, Melvin Whittenburg, for your next SC Secretary of State.


Support Melvin Whittenburg           For SC Secretary of State!

We have thousands of brochures, hundreds of yard signs to order, scores of radio and televisions ads to run, and an entire state to cover, we need your support. Please make a monetary donation TODAY! Thankyou.


History steeped in the cotton fields found throughout the county has paved the way for a progressive, growing community. It is a proud community seeking to better its citizens with jobs, education and opportunities. Lee County government works diligently to provide the services needed by its citizens.

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Melvin Whittenburg

As the people’s representatives, we are elected to uphold our constitution and support democracy in our nation. This is what I, Melvin Whittenburg, believe in and stand for. I am running to be the next South Carolina Secretary of State.

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The website was established in 2018 to bring awareness to politics in South Carolina. What we have learned over the past elections, is that voters don't turn out for local elections. However, these elections are vital to substaining our communities. We hope that the information you find here will help bring you out to the polls at election time.

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